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iOS 12 is here

iOS 12, apple company's newest mobile operating system and most powerful. The iOS 12, which was revealed a few days ago, has begun to be available from now on.
iOS 12

iOS 12

About 1 year after the beta update of iOS 11, the company introduced this update. The company believes that these updates will make all the iPhone at least 40% faster, which is a big deal. And as you all know, Apple keeps updating its iPhone and all its devices for approximately 4 to 5 years. This time too, the company has made the iOS 12 available from the new iPhone xs, iPhone xs max, iPhone xr to the 5 year old iPhone 5s, which is the Apple company's womb record.

iOS 12 has not yet released all the features, but the company says the update will come in a few days. Well, all the features are in iOS 12, like the new facetime video calling now you can do together with 32 learn in one time.

  iOS 12 features: According to apple event, apps will open up to 40% faster in iOS 12 and the phone's keyboard will open 50% faster and then the camera will open up to 70% faster. Underload status means that when your phone is open in many apps, you will get 2x faster performance in that time also.
 Notification of iOS 12: As you all know, the notification center at IOS 11 was confused and there was no notification priority in it. Now in iOS 12 you can customize the notification accordingly and keep as much information as you need And now Siri will also notify you if you have any notifications and you should not reply to it or not.
And there is a new feature that iOS users were eagerly waiting for, which is group notifications.Group notification is a great feature in iOS 12 and now you can delete all notifications altogether.
AR(Augmented Reality) on iOS 12: This is one of the major features of iOS 12, with the help of which you can measure anything, with mobile only.The camera of your phone will open and tell the measurement of what you want to measure. In this you can also play games, you just have to open your phone camera and you can play an artificial home with your friends there.
iOS 12

iOS 12

This AR is one of the best features of iOS 12 and it will be more useful in the future.
The predictor of iOS12 is none other than Siri : Well, this serial is just a matter of work and iOS 12 has done it in a better manner. Now you can also have your shortcuts in Siri and you can also speak for more Siri to order. This will also can order coffee for you too!
And probably this feature is last but not the least I've seen which is Animoji : Like last time, this time also there is Animoji available and in iOS 12 and a feature pair has been added and that is tongue Detection. That means your tongue will also detect in Animoji now.
iOS 12

 At the same time, you get the Memoji, which will be your own built-in Animoji which will look exactly like you on the screen of you iPhones.

Pic source - apple.com/in

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